Cristian Flores Figueroa and Jeannette Munoz Aguayo - technicians with Mid-Central Research and Outreach Center lab received the Unsung Heroes Award during the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association Conference Reception. Cristian and Jeannette were recognized for their development of an early Avian Influenza (AI) detection tool through sampling drinkers using PCR. This technique is able to pick up the virus two to three days before clincal signs show up in a flock. Cristian and Jeanneette's contributions and reserach has greatly improved early detection of AI in flocks.



Dr. Carol Cardona was quoted in the article "The Looming Threat of Avian Flu" in The New Yok Times Magazine.





Read more about what research is being conducted at the Mid-Central Research & Outreach Center lab in Willmar in a recent article by MPR!



Carol Cardona (Photo by Dan Marshall)


Avian Influenza killed about 9 million birds in Minnesota this year, but U of M findings may help minimize the impact of future oubreaks. Read the full story by Erin Peterson.



Senator Franken met with area poultry producers and staff at the Mid-Central Research and Outreach Center to discuss Avian Influenza.